unfinished series

The birth of an artificial muse


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Artificial Intelligence is on the upswing of humanity. Already now machines are capable of executing most human tasks. 

This relentless progress of A.I. is widely considered fatal for the human race.

The art project Unfinished is the attempt to change the negative perception on A.I. It's the first time artificial intelligence is used to inspire, challenge and provoke a real painter.

Our art collective YQP and the painter Roman Lipski created the first Artificial Muse in the art world. The development goes on. In collaboration with the Berlin based AI Company Birds on Mars Roman Lipski further enhances his artificial muse.


The Artificial Muse is an A.I.-system that is constantly trained with paintings by Roman Lipski.

The system is able to extract different facets from his paintings – such as colors, contrasts, forms, composition – and interprets them in new ways. The result is an Artificial Muse that independently produces an infinite amount of digital paintings with Lipski’s style.

These digital painting by the Artificial Muse inspire Lipski for his work – sharpening his eyes for new compositions and perspectives as well as helping him to form a new artistic language.



The first chapter of the project took place in 2017 at the Tech Open Air Festival in Berlin, where the first collaboration between painter and Artificial Muse was exhibited.

For over two years now every new painting by Lipksi was ingested into the A.I.-system, prompting The Artificial Muse to produce new inspiration for Lipski.

The ongoing exchange between Lipski and The Artificial Muse helped the painter to form a completely new creative language and style.

Unfinished is widely considered a cornerstone project in the landscape of digital arts and has ben exhibited in museum such the Futurium in Berlin, among others.


Unfinished 1 was exhibited at Tech Open Air 2016 in Berlin. Visitors could see the artificial muse working and printing art pieces.  


A selection of art pieces created by the muse that give Roman Lipski a chance to have a totally different perspective on his work.


Live images of the artificial muse can be viewed on www.aironair.de


At the end the muse created over 200 individual printouts. They serve Roman Lipski as inspiration for the second iteration of paintings.


The paintings below are already inspired by the artificial muse. New colors and shapes show that the dialog between artist and machine is fruitful.




The style of the paintings evolves as the dialog between painter and artificial muse continues.


FUTURIUM Exhibition – 2018, Berlin (Germany)


Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt – 2018, Klagenfurt (Austria)


ZKM (Center for Art and Media) – 2018, Karlsruhe (Germany)


Photo by Hannes M. Meier

Initial muse inspired by paper "A neural algorithm of artistic style", based on 19 layer VGG NET and JcJohnson Implementation, now experimenting with many different approaches, networks and technologies.


The entire project gets documented by Hannes M. Meier. The 15 minute long documentary will be extended throughout the collaboration.